Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering and Delivery

How do I order?

Step 1: First, you need to read Dr. Simeons’ eBook “Pounds & Inches” – you can get a free copy here:
Download eBook

Step 2: Be sure you've read “Pounds & Inches” and this FAQs page so you understand what TrimYou Spray is, and how it works with Dr. Simeons' Protocol.

Step 3: Order here

How much is it?

Each bottle is $77.00 and each order is $7.99 shipping. This means if you order more than 1 bottle, your whole order is still only $7.99 shipping. We currently do not ship to any other countries.

After researching what every other product sells for, plus the fact that with other homeopathic-style products you will need multiple bottles to get through 1 full round of the protocol, along with all of the awesome support documents I include with your order and one-of-a-kind Support Group website, I feel the price for the 'TrimYou Spray' is the best deal around, period.

Included with each order is:

1 Oz. bottle of TrimYou Spray - Enough for 43+ days if taken as directed

TrimYou Spray Diet Handbook - Instruction Guide, Charts, Tips, Hints, etc.

TrimYou Spray Food Guide - A color-coded guide to make it easy to find foods you can eat on each Phase of the protocol

Simeons' Protocol Support Group - A social community site to get support and your questions answered 24/7

Simeons' Protocol Help Desk - Knowledge Base and Support Ticket System for authoritative answers when you need them

What payments do you accept?

All major credit cards are accepted (MC, VISA, AMEX, Discover). I do NOT accept PayPal, sorry.

'Order Declined' error but my credit card company shows a charge went through - why?

When an order is declined it is almost always because the Billing Address you entered failed 'address verification' which is a fraud prevention step (the payment gateway) performs. Many credit card companies will still place a 'temporary authorization hold' on the funds which automatically clears off after 2-4 business days, but they won't know that the transaction was actually declined at

You would need to call your credit card company to determine which Billing Address to use and submit your order again with the correct Billing Address.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Once your order is placed online, give us 24 hours to get the order packed and shipped. All orders ship the next business day (orders placed Friday ship Monday), unless otherwise indicated on our Order page.

We've selected US Postal Service (USPS) for shipping ALL the orders. We ONLY ship USPS Priority Mail to protect the TrimYou Spray from being erased by X-ray scanning during shipping (which can occur with other shipping carriers/methods).

The delivery time is going to depend on how far away you are from Connecticut where it will be shipping from. The longest time a package would take to arrive is 7 days barring unforeseen circumstances, although we’ve seen packages get to their destination much quicker most of the time. Therefore, give it 8-9 days max. after ordering to receive your order.

What if I don't have a credit card? Can I still order?

Wal-Mart has a 'prepaid credit card' you can purchase with cash or check at the store and it works like any Visa card would. HOWEVER, the first time you use it, the shopping cart software will grab $1-2 off the card to 'authorize' the card and after 7 days they put the money back and 'approve' the card for use, so you'll have to be aware of that when/if you order.

Are you going to be able to ship to Canada and/or Internationally?

As of 5/7/2013 we will no longer ship to Canada due to the high volume of returned orders that Canada is refusing and sending back to us. We do not ship internationally any longer - USA only. Sorry.

Is there a 'Money Back Guarantee'?

We are so confident that you will see results from following Dr. Simeons' protocol using the TrimYou Spray that we offer a 30-day, money back guarantee on our product. Purchase with confidence, knowing that you've taken the first step to the new you. If you are not completely satisfied with the product, we will provide you with a full refund. We'll also pay the return shipping costs if the return is a result of our error (you received an incorrect item).

If you need to return an item, create a Support Ticket on our Help Desk (access to the Help Desk is provided with your order) including your Order# and we will provide you with the information you will need to return your order.

Once your returned product is received by our shipping department, it takes 5-7 business days for it to be processed through our billing department, and you will receive an email confirmation of the refund.

Orders ship the next business day in most cases. A full refund will be issued on all orders cancelled before shipping.

How many bottles do I need to lose X pounds?

Each bottle is enough for a Full Round of Dr. Simeons' Diet Protocol. A Full Round is 43 days of dosing. There is enough in the bottle for 43+ days. Each Full Round results in a theoretical maximum pounds lost of 34 lbs, but some people lose more than that (50+ pounds). If you need to lose more than 34 pounds*, you may want to order more than 1 bottle.

*Results may vary

About This Product

How long will 1 bottle last?

Each 1 oz. bottle has 100 servings (1 serving = 2 sprays into the mouth). It is taken orally by mouth 1 serving (2 sprays), 2 times per day. You spray 2 squirts into your mouth in the morning, and 2 squirts at night. Therefore, it will last 43+ days, which is enough for a Full Round of Dr. Simeons' Diet Protocol (which is 43 days of dosing).

How long will it keep before going 'bad'?

The TrimYou Spray will keep indefinitely, without refrigeration. Just store it in a cool, dark, dry place away from extremes of heat or cold and away from any electromagnetic fields (like TVs, loudspeakers, computer monitors, microwave ovens, airport X-ray machines, etc.)

What is in each bottle?

Each bottle contains an 'Energy Profile' in multiple potencies (6c / 12c / 30c) imprinted onto a solution of Steam Distilled Water (80%) and Kosher Corn Alcohol (20%). This is a proprietary 'magnetic remanence' homeotherapeutic product.

Since an 'energy signature' cannot be listed as a physical ingredient (for what should be obvious reasons) it isn't on the 'ingredients list' on the label.

All traditional homeopathic remedies start with a VERY minute amount of the original substance and then dilute it and shake it until all that's left is the 'energy profile' of the original substance. When you buy homeopathic products that list a given substance as an ingredient, it is listed only because there is a microscopic amount in there due to how it's made, but it is completely negligible and it is NOT why it works.

Imagine taking 1 grain of salt and adding it to a bathtub of water. That's like '6X' potency. Now take a grain of salt and add it to Lake Michigan. That's like 30X potency.

Funny thing is, 30X (the WAY more diluted version) is STRONGER than the 6X potency. And that's the crazy thing about homeopathy.

The way this TrimYou Spray is made is NOT with this method of diluting/shaking until there's practically nothing left. We use a much more technologically advanced process that copies the 'energy signature' onto the solution electronically with special equipment no other USA manufacturer uses.

This produces a much more potent version. Because we don't start with the original substance actually in the solution, we don't put it as an 'ingredient'. Make no mistake, this is FAR MORE POTENT than other products because of how it is made. The liquid in the bottle is only a 'delivery system' for this energy signature.

Watch this YouTube video on the science of how TrimYou Spray is made and why it works:

Do you have some kind of 'Referral' or 'Affiliate' program?

We have a Referral Program (affiliate program) that rewards you financially for your referrals but it is for TrimYou Spray Customers Only - you can join after you order.

Do you have Wholesale Pricing?

Our Order Page will allow you to order any quantity, but the price-breaks provided on the Order Page are only for orders up to 49 bottles. If you need to order 50 bottles or more, contact us directly for special Wholesale Pricing.

Why is it that you are the only one that can get this TrimYou Spray made?

There is only 1 manufacturer in the USA that makes it, and we signed an exclusive deal with them.

Isn't there a cheaper alternative to the TrimYou Spray?

We couldn’t find cheaper products, except for 1 place that had homeopathic-style drops cheaper PER BOTTLE, but you have to buy 3-4 bottles per Full Round! Others that tried the TrimYou Spray believe this spray is better because:

- Dosage is consistent – you just spray 2x in the mouth, 2x per day. No ‘holding drops under the tongue for x minutes’ or playing around with the dosage until it works

- Convenient – no refrigeration required, no mixing, no nothing – just open your box when it arrives and start a’sprayin’!

- No prescription required (it’s homeotherapeutic)

- Works better (this is from data we collected from those that tried the TrimYou Spray and other products)

Does the spray have a bad taste to it?

Not really – tastes a little like alcohol, since it has some in it, but it isn’t bad – some people that tested it for me said it didn’t taste like anything, but I think it tastes a little like vodka, but it isn’t bad.

Does it have any calories?

No. Even though there is alcohol in it, the amount you spray in your mouth with each dose is minuscule and is absorbed into the mucous membranes of the mouth and not swallowed.

Where is the TrimYou Spray made?

Made in the USA from Kosher ingredients by an FDA-inspected facility that is also certified Organic and is Kof-K Certified kosher.

Is the TrimYou Spray FDA Approved?

The FDA has not approved or evaluated the product. The FDA doesn't approve homeotherapeutic remedies. The facility it is manufactured in is inspected regularly by the FDA.

This product is classified as a ‘dietary supplement’ and is labeled as such. There are very strict laws about what can and what cannot be on the label, and the label has the appropriate language to comply with all of the laws.

Product Usage

What differences in Dr. Simeons’ protocol are there with TrimYou Spray?

The protocol you follow with the TrimYou Spray is almost identical to the protocol described in Dr. Simeons' eBook 'Pounds & Inches' with the following exceptions:

1) You should not have coffee while taking TrimYou Spray.

2) You cannot use essential oils (i.e. aroma-therapy oils)

3) You CAN take the TrimYou Spray with other medications (there are no contraindicated medications)

The reason for no coffee or essential oils is because coffee has essential oils in it and essential oils (like coffee oil, mint oil, vanilla oil, etc) interfere with homeotherapeutic remedies such as the TrimYou Spray.

Some people find they can drink coffee and still be successful with this protocol.

Because the TrimYou Spray is homeotherapeutic, it does NOT interact with other drugs or medications and is safe to use.

For more information on how homeotherapeutics are made and how they work, watch this YouTube video:

Is the spray also to be used sublingually where you spray it under your tongue? Or do you just spray it in your mouth like you would a fresh breath spray?

You spray it in your mouth like a fresh breath spray. Best to aim towards the roof of your mouth for maximal absorption. Complete instructions are provided when you order.

With your spray, can you use it 3 times per day and get better results?

It doesn’t work any better if you take it 3x per day – you only have to take it 2x per day. Plus, it makes it harder to comply with the protocol if you have to take it 3x per day (because you would have to remember to take it again in the middle of the day!) By only taking it 2x per day, you take it at the same time each day every 12 hours (i.e. 8am and 8pm) which makes it much easier to remember.

How long do you have to wait after using the spray before you can eat or drink anything?

You have to wait 15 minutes before AND after dosing before you eat or drink anything.

Do I have to mix anything together?

No, it comes all ready to go - just open the seal on the bottle, insert the sprayer cap, and spray.

Would you recommend continuing with the spray when a person reaches their goal?

You should follow Dr. Simeons' Protocol exactly (except for the differences noted in the documents you will be provided with your order). This means when you reach your goal weight, you 'up your calories' and continue until your ‘end of round’ number of days (26 days of dosing for a half-round, 43 days of dosing for a full-round). All of this is in Dr. Simeons' eBook, but we provide MUCH CLEARER information to make this easy for you when you order in our TrimYou Spray Handbook.

Does the TrimYou Spray have to be refrigerated?

No - it will keep virtually forever without refrigeration. Just store it in a cool, dark, dry place, away from bright lights (especially sun). Also, keep it away from electro-magnetic radiation, like magnets, computer monitors, cell phones, TVs, microwave ovens, airport X-ray scanners, etc.

Can I take this spray while taking my other medications (i.e. blood pressure, thyroid, cholesterol meds, etc.)?

There are no contraindicated medications that are a problem to take while using this TrimYou Spray. However, since it is very likely you will need to reduce and/or eliminate your prescription drugs while losing the weight with this spray, you should only do this protocol under your doctor's supervision if you are currently on other prescription medications.

Can I exercise while doing this protocol?

If you are already doing an exercise program, you can continue. However, some people find that the extra calories burned during their workout makes them hungry and then they have to compensate by eating a little more calories.

What do I eat if I'm a Vegetarian?

There are 3 vegetarian protein options:

1) Eggs (4 whites to 1 yolk ratio)

2) Fat free cottage cheese (3/4 cup)

3) Pea protein powder (~100 cals, amount depends on brand/scoop size)

Can I do this protocol while pregnant or breastfeeding?

No, you cannot do this protocol while pregnant or breastfeeding. For the healthy development of a fetus, EXTRA food/calories is required and going on a calorie-restricted diet during pregnancy is NOT good for the baby.

If breastfeeding, the production of breast milk requires an additional 500 calories per day, so going on a calorie-restricted diet while breastfeeding is NOT healthy for the baby.

Additionally, while on this protocol abnormal fat is being metabolized which releases toxins into the bloodstream that are not healthy for the baby.

Do NOT do this protocol while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Can women use it during their monthly time?

So far, the women that have used this spray used it during their period (TOM). A small percentage of women said they had stronger cramps than they do normally, others experience a slowing or stalling of progress (due to water retention) until it's over and then things pick back up again.