TrimYou Spray Referral Program

The TrimYou Spray Referral Program is open to TrimYou customers in the USA and Canada only.

The TrimYou Spray Referral Program pays affiliates 26% commission on all orders referred through your unique ‘affiliate link’.

You must agree to the Terms & Conditions on the sign-up page as well as the Policy as stated below before joining:

TrimYou Spray Affiliate Program Policy

*VERY IMPORTANT: The tracking of affiliate commissions depends on automated computer technology called internet browser 'Cookies' which, although dependable ~99% of the time, can result in some orders not tracking to your affiliate account. Orders placed by phone cannot be tracked to your Referral Program account - only orders placed online will be tracked. See the list of FAQs on the Referral Program page of the Support Group site for some of the reasons why a referral order may not track a commission to your affiliate account. On the rare occasion a referral order does not track to your affiliate account, there is NOTHING that can be done to rectify it and you will not earn that commission. By joining the TrimYou Spray Referral Program, you agree that you understand the above.

Commissions are earned whenever a sale is made via your Referral Link. Commissions are paid by PayPal to the PayPal account email address you enter to your Profile when you sign up. Commission payments are made only if you have reached the minimum payout threshold of $100.00. Affiliate commission PayPal payments are usually sent by the 3rd week of the following month, provided you have reached the minimum payout threshold of $100 in the current month.

You cannot use your earned commissions toward future purchases of TrimYou Spray. We ONLY pay out commissions via PayPal, and ONLY when you have at least $100 in earned commissions, and ONLY after the first of each month. Commission payments are typically processed within the first 2 weeks of the month following the end of the previous month and received by the 3rd week of the month following that commission period end date (i.e. commissions for April are processed by May 15th and typically received by May 21st)

We cannot retroactively assign an order that was not placed thru your Referral Link, or wasn’t tracked due to the reasons above. There are no exceptions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The TrimYou Spray Referral Program is open to TrimYou customers in the USA and Canada only.

It takes 24 hours AFTER the order ships for the referral commission to show up in your stats in your affiliate control panel. Please don't email us about a referral order not showing up in your stats if the order was just placed within the past day or so!

** Do NOT use any content, graphics, pictures or logos without our prior written permission!

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